Friday, August 27, 2010

Who are they?

Who are they?
My lovely nephews.

Who is their mom?
Hubby's sister.

Names and how old are they?
The big brother, Ahmad Amin is 4 years old and the little one,
Ahmad Iman (finally dah ada nama :)) is just 17 days old.
Aren't they super duper adorable?

Balik Miri nanti tak sabar nak visit the newborn and the mother.
Apa agaknya reaksi si kecik bila tengok cute little baby nanti ek?

He calls flower, "wawe".
He calls moon, "mooooooo".
He calls ball, "boooo".
He calls shoes, "shesh".
He calls train, "wuuwuu" with one hand imitates pulling the cord
He calls his papa, "bakpa".
And he is my 18 months likes-to-throw-tantrums-mushroom-haired son.

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