Wednesday, February 21, 2007

eye laser anyone?

For about 15 years I've been wearing glasses and contact lenses with power 450 for each eye, and it has been a week since I leave my glasses and lens behind.. a huge thanks to OPTIMAX, the place where I obtained the Refractive Surgery for my eyes.

LASIK involves cutting and lifting a very thin layer of skin on the corneal surface, lasering the exposed tissue and then replacing the layer without stitches.

Step 1: A thin flap is created using a device called a "Microkeratome" (or u can call it blade) and flap is lifted
Step 2: A cool beam laser is applied to the cornea to reshape the cornea curvature
Step 3: The corneal flap is repositioned over the treated area and stays in place without stitches

IntraLASIK, that's what it called, the procedure for my eyes. Instead of using the Microkeratome to create a flap, this procedure uses laser to create flap. So it is less pain than normal LASIK.

Before the surgery I had to lay off lenses for about 2 weeks to stabilize my eyes. On that day, I gone through a series of eye examinations for about 2 hours before the surgery. The best part that I like was when the Optometrist put some bius eye-drops into my eyes, few seconds after that my eyes felt numb. Then, she did some checking by touching my pupil with some "alat besi" and I really can see the thing touched my eyes but I can't feel anything. For some people maybe it's scary but I think that was fun part for me (Not to mention, the surgery quite scary...).

My surgery started at 1.45 in the afternoon. The first session was to create a corneal flap. They brought me to one room which equipped with all those machine (you know what I mean)..ohhh before that they put these hospital clothes on me (I don't really know how to call that, clothes with foot cover and shower cap). They used something like selofan to keep my eyes wide open. The flap creation was last for about few minutes, then they brought me to another room to do the Excimer Laser. I lied down and had to see straight to the red light above me. This procedure also last about few minutes. Not that long actually. But when the laser started, I can smell like something's burning (bau terbakar or barbeque)..quite scary....

That's it. After the whole surgery process which was about not more than 20 minutes, I went back home, of course laa my husband drive me home. At that time I had to wear sunglass because it was so glaring. I can't even open my eyes, it was so bright and started to feel pedih, like when we cut the onions. We went straight back home, and I slept for few hours. Antibiotic eye drop and artificial tears are the medications that I have to use for few weeks.

At 7pm I woke up and taraaaa......I can see clearly!! Eventhough it was still a little bit blurry and cloudy, but no more short sighted, or rabun jauh. The day after, it was all clear! And I went for 1st check up after surgery. The next check up will be on this Friday (1 week after), 1 month after, 3 months after and yearly check-up.

Again, thanks to Optimax for corrected my eyes..