Friday, June 29, 2007

Can you smile fakely like us in the sky?

Hey..that's me...! With short hair! Huhu.. :P

I kind of went through my certificate file just now (to prepare for my final interview tomorrow..) and I found a piece of Star Recruitment page in it. I still kept the cabin crew advert with my photo in it...(yalaaahh of course you keep advert with your face on it laa) but it was year 2004.. when I once became the 'pasu bunga' or flower pot for AirAsia... but I think it's not really pasu bunga, maybe I was just the leaf only... coz my photo appeared only one time. Hahaha... kesiannye aku. Pasu bunga (that's what we called here in AA) meaning model of AirAsia and your ass face keep on appearing in any of AA advert.

* Still thinking when will be my face stick onto one of AA plane? Hahaha...maybe not in a million... (sounds jealous!)


I had a bad day today with bad ass passengers...not really as bad as my other countless few flights.. Farking damn pax! Sometimes it makes you sick if you have a really really ass type of pax! I operated Chiangmai flight this morning, departure at 8.50 am. At 8.40 am almost all pax boarded the plane and we started to do headcount of the pax onboard but we were down by 7 pax. Ground staff came onboard and told me they still can't find the 7 pax, they were not in the boarding hall, so I paged their names through PA (in the plane) to make sure there are really not boarded yet and so that we can do our next procedure for missing pax which is to offload them! Meaning offload here is to left them behind (padan muka!) and to get their bulky checked-in baggage out of the cargo.

After I paged their names, one pax came forward and told us that the 7 missing pax were his friends. They supposed to go on tour together in Chiangmai so we asked him to call his friends. I informed Captain Puvan about that matter. It's already 8.45 am and another 5 minutes we need to close the plane door. Capt Puvan pissed off and came out from the cockpit. That guy told us his friends were still at the Immigration Counter. With a little bit anger, Capt Puvan said to that guy, "Mana kawan awak ni ha? Dah dekat nak depart belum lagi boarding. 90 passenger lain boleh masuk awal, kenape diorang tak boleh? Buang masa passenger lain nak kene tunggu kawan2 awak tu! " He was really pissed off.... I likeee.....hehehe...:P

That guy was a little bit shaking and quite scared. 2 minutes after that (it was already departure time) another ground staff came with the other 7 pax... The most annoying part was they were already too late to board the plane, and when they were boarding they even laughing and took their sweet ass time to walk into the cabin. They should at least say sorry to us and to other pax coz we have to wait for their ass to board.

If they were another more minutes late, I think Capt Puvan will offload them even with their 1 checked-in bag. Even if while the ramp staff find their bulky bag in the cargo, their already at the boarding hall, I think Capt Puvan will not agree to carry them because they didn't respect other people time. As a reminder, passenger who are going for INTERNATIONAL flights need to be at the boarding hall AT LEAST 45 mins before departure. You need at least 1 hour by the time you enter the Immigration counter (sometimes full of pax) and you need to go through the scanning bags area plus the new LAG procedure ( Liquid, Gas and Aerosol) - you are only allowed to carry LAG item in your hand carry bag as per the procedure :
- max 100ml per bottle limited to 1 liter per person (am I correct? heheh...)

Only for International flights...for the time being, I guess...p(^_^)q

P/s - How many times did I say ass?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holiday again..

Actually I did write about this post, but I kindof delete it...or "misplaced"? hmm...

I just came back from 3-day 2-nite holiday in Langkawi wit hubby's family. We stayed at Langkawi Lagoon Resort. Quite nice hotel, got water chalet and private lagoon. My husband an I went on parasailing at Cenang Beach. It was fun and quite scary at the first moment. But when you're up there, you feel very relaxing with wind blowing on your face. You can see the whole paradise beach with lines of resorts and hotels on the other side and few islands scattered around at the sea..

This part a little bit scary.. when the boat pulled you off the beach and the wind blew you up... Hehh....
Huh! This one almost hit the trees...did'nt hear they shout "Lepas! Lepas!" and me keep pulling the rope....what the...!!!!


This fella is so cute... he is my hubby's sister's son.. still remembered when the first time sis called us after the boy born, hubby asked for his name. And I heard hubby said, what? Amad Ahmin? Hhehee... instead of Ahmad Amin - became Amad Ahmin...hehehe... then the name always became a joke between me, hubby and cuzzie, Aileen. hahahaa.... but the point is, Amin is such a little cute boy...

Talking bout baby, I was thinking about pregnant thing...yeahh who doesn't want kids, rite? Last nite I kind of chit chat wit hubby on sms. He was nitestopping in Penang.
I asked him :
Bee, I think I want to get pregnant by end of this year or early next year. What do you think?
He answered me :
Are we stable yet at that time? Coz I think I still wanna go holiday with you...maybe to Hokkaido, if you get pregnant then it's a little bit hard for you..
Actually hard for him lerr...hehehee... I know he's not ready yet to have a kid..:P
I said :
I don't care. I wanna try to get pregnant around Nov-Feb.
He said :
Oklah to be fair and square we try to get anak sumtimes in March, then you'll be probably buncit when Raya comes...
He made fun of me pulak...!! :P
I said:
We can go on holiday when our kid turns 3 years old. After holiday, then I get pregnant again lah...hahaha....

Anyway today I did surf the internet and just window shopping on stylish modern maternity fashion...ahakss...jangan gelak laa.....darn it! yeaa...I like to think for the future..:P

Look what I've found :

Sunday, June 10, 2007

TV Series

Prison Break, One Tree Hill and Heroes.. those are the famous TV Series that I really really love... especially Prison Break and One Tree Hill coz they have one handsome-cool actor that melt my heart whenever I watched them... pheww...

My hubby bought dvd Season 1 & 2 Prison Break and I finished those dvd in 5 days straight... what can I say..I do love Micheal Scofield very much... and now I have to wait, I dunno how long maybe 1 year, or more, for the 3rd season to be released...

I adore Nathan Scott in One Tree Hill much more than his brother Lucas Scott.. he is so loving, caring, handsome (of course), cute...and his body...I can't say watch then you know...:P and he is a basketball player too...

Ok, these are their out!

Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield
James Lafferty aka Nathan Scott

Friday, May 11, 2007

spaghetti anyone?

moi : bee, what do you wanna eat tonite?
hubby : i dunno.
moi : tell me what do you wanna eat, coz I dunno what to cook for you.
hubby : we eat spaghetti, u want?
moi : hmm.. that sounds delicious.
hubby : i'll cook. you just prepare the ingredients.

I can smell the delicious spaghetti rite now, at this moment I'm writing a post, yummy mozarella cheese. got to go, wanna grab some pasta..


1. Get a new Sony Ericsson...but maybe Dopod or O2..
2. Learn to fly..
3. Learn Japanese coz I'm going to migrate to Japan, you know...(in my dreams...maybe it will come true...)
4. Have a spacious closet - drawer for my handbag collections..
5. Err Toyota Caldina..
6. Home theater with wide screen projector and comfort 10 sofa... (I wanna make it like Gold Class cinema..sumthing like that lah..)
7. Will think bout it..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I wanna fly...

Do you know how hard it is for a first timer to practice take off and landing using Flight Simulator (PC game) and PS2 aviation game in just a week? You tell me! I never try to play the Flight Simulator game on PC coz I'm not really a game person. Due to my second stage of Cadet Pilot Selection is around the corner so I have to practice and practice and practice...hehhee...yeahh practice makes perfect..

Actually pilot is not my childhood dream, I started to have the interest in flying whenever I became a cabin crew, to be exact after I became a Senior Flight Attendant aka Leading Stewardess laaa... coz when you become the leader then you become more close to the pilots and you will be in-charge of the cabin and passenger in the same time you have to report duty to Captain. As for example, everytime after the cabin is checked before take off or landing, you have to report to Captain that the cabin is ready.

And not forget to mention, since my husband started his flying school, he always told me everything about his flight and all the stuff about flying. In the same time, AirAsia allow lady pilot to join them, as you can see other airlines have no lady pilot. Maybe some airlines overseas allow lady to be their pilot. In the meantime AirAsia has more than 10 lady pilots including my husband's batchmates.

I hope that I can get thru the 2nd stage selection..please pray for me..
I still have no plan B if I can't get thru the cadet pilot selection, coz I've decided not to fly as cabin crew anymore, but I don't know wether I can work in the office? Maybe I'll think about getting a baby? year maybe, not now.. I guess I'm not ready yet to be a mom! *wink*

But if I pass all stages, and get into flying school, I will not be allowed to get pregnant at least for 5 years..huh...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Huh! My blog is sooo not updated... really sorry guys.. I was too busy, too lazy, too many things happen lately.. but I will keep my blog alive..Heh..

So you guys may already seen my Japan tour photos in my friendster. Gone for 7 days 5 nites trip to Kansai - Osaka - Kyoto - Hamamatsu - Mt Fuji - Tokyo - Narita and left my footprints at Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disneyland. Hehehe.. The temperature was around 15 to 20 degree, actually it was not so cold but the wind made it cold.. sometimes too cold until I have to wear gloves...heh... Damn it I still don't know how to speak Japanese although I can understand few words from the conversations..damn it I do love the language (will learn it - promise you).. Eventhough the winter and sakura blooming (must see!) season already ended, we were lucky enough to see snow aka ice at Mount Fuji area and some of sakura tree at few places. The ice were all over the place at the 5th level of Mt Fuji and it was more than enough to make Ais Kacang and ABC... heh..

I really flabbergasted with their washrooms or toilets. Their public toilets are always clean and smells good. No water pipe for washing in the toilet as what we have in Malaysia. Hotel and airport toilets have some kind of water spray button on the toilet bowl and the water will spray out from the toilet bowl for you to wash whenever you pressed it. And you can control the water pressure! And even, some toilets have warm toilet seats! So now you can take a longer time to do your "business" in the toilet (if you're naked) without feeling cold! What a technology!

That's about toilet.

When we arrived at Tokyo on SUNDAY, I repeat, SUNDAY... I was so amazed to see the highway or roads were not jammed, at all... but when I entered the subway aka railway, huh that was sooo full of people..heh...their public transportation are very very very eficient. Talking about trains or what we called LRT here, I guess there are about 30 lines.. maybe more...and more than hundred stations over there.. As me and my husband already planned to go to Akihabara aka Electric Town aka ANIME Town by ourself, we took Ginza Line from Asakusa to Ueno, and switched to Yamanote Line from Ueno to Akihabara. The subway or trains were so convenient even for first timer.

It is so efficient and convenient until you can just simply reload your phone, and when you go through the entrance or exit gates at station, you just have to tap your phone at the panel and the gate will open for you instead of buy tickets, insert ticket into the slot and bla bla bla...
Even when you still on the phone, you just have to tap it and continue back with your talking.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I love this one!

Look what I've found! Such a nice t-shirt!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

3 years?

Hola! Last two days ago I did my recurrent drill with all my batchmates at AirAsia Academy and at Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam. Door drill (brace & evacuation command), slide drill, fire drill and wet drill are all the training that we must undergo once every 3 years. And recurrent safety and first aid with exam are the training that we must undergo once a year. So it means that I've been with AirAsia for 3 years! 3 years! Quite a long time.. owh and that means that my 3 years training bond completed and now I'm a permanent worker in AA. *Jumping crazily*

I wanna share the experience of our training drills with you guys. Woke up early in the morning, I already felt like my throat in pain. Gosh..I knew that I will suffer sore throat by the end of the day, so I brought along my fisherman's friend (u know or not?) 6 cabin crew were all from my batch, another 2 from JB base and 1 from Kch. First thing we did was Airbus 320 door drill at Airbus mockup room. Which we need to do the normal operation of opening and closing, arming and disarming the door. (Yup maybe you think that this is very easy, but seriously there were several incident where crew opened the airbus door in armed mode, and the slide inflated!! Luckily there was no one outside, if not, that guy already flown away or hit by the slide! For those of you who did not understand, arming door means to make the evacuation slide pack attach to the door so in the event of emergency, the door will be opened with the slide. So means the door in armed mode. Disarm door means to open door in normal operation, without slide.

Try this, next time if you go for any flight, try to listen to the announcement made by the leading crew after all passenger boarded, and the crew need to close the door. Normally after the door closed, she/he will announce "Cabin crew, arm all doors and cross-check". So all crew must arm their door at that time.

Ok back to my drill, after we finished the door drill, we proceed to slide drill. I like this part! Hehehe...I mean, jumping part. We need to do 2 times slide drill which were for Airbus and 737 (different height when the slide attached to door) So hurry hurry jump! Jump!

After that we did the Fire Drill. I think you know about this. We were trained how to fight fire in the correct way and each one of us had to fight fire (real fire ok!) with the fire extinguisher. Then, we continued with our brace/evacuation command drills. These are the command for unprepared crashland :

Brace: Emergency, emergency, heads down, grab ankles, remain seated!
(Hey, u need to shout out loud u know!)
Evacuation: Release seatbelt, leave everything, shoes off, come this way, hurry hurry, standback, standback, hurry, jump! Hurry, jump!

This was when I got my sore throat..(until now)
Then, at 3pm we proceed with our wet drill at the Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam (coz our Academy doesn't have swimming pool yet, ermmm coming soon) This was to train us what and how we should do when the aircraft ditch into the sea. So sone with wet drill, we continued our door drill for 737 at LCC Terminal at 10pm (Coz our Academy doesn't have 737 mockup room, so we need the real aircraft to do door drill). We finished all drills at 12am.

The next day (rest day)...I got sick!! Owh before that, me and hubby went to MATTA Fair at PWTC, coz we want to look for Japan tour package for our HONEYMOON in April(ok, ok I knew that I've been married for 4 months already, but we haven't gone for our honeymoon yet, no time and no leave! Hehehe...kesian... At the MATTA Fair I felt so sick, got cough and flu from the sorry throat. I hate that, whenever you get sore throat, it will lead to flu, cough, kahak and fever. Damn it! But I need to company my hubby to settle with the tour package, gambatte Wedy-san!

We went back at 7pm and made a stop at Fuziah Clinic (Kota Warisan, my home area. At home, I felt very sick and tired..luckily I got 1 rest day + 2 days off.. so now I just rest and relax at home..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

eye laser anyone?

For about 15 years I've been wearing glasses and contact lenses with power 450 for each eye, and it has been a week since I leave my glasses and lens behind.. a huge thanks to OPTIMAX, the place where I obtained the Refractive Surgery for my eyes.

LASIK involves cutting and lifting a very thin layer of skin on the corneal surface, lasering the exposed tissue and then replacing the layer without stitches.

Step 1: A thin flap is created using a device called a "Microkeratome" (or u can call it blade) and flap is lifted
Step 2: A cool beam laser is applied to the cornea to reshape the cornea curvature
Step 3: The corneal flap is repositioned over the treated area and stays in place without stitches

IntraLASIK, that's what it called, the procedure for my eyes. Instead of using the Microkeratome to create a flap, this procedure uses laser to create flap. So it is less pain than normal LASIK.

Before the surgery I had to lay off lenses for about 2 weeks to stabilize my eyes. On that day, I gone through a series of eye examinations for about 2 hours before the surgery. The best part that I like was when the Optometrist put some bius eye-drops into my eyes, few seconds after that my eyes felt numb. Then, she did some checking by touching my pupil with some "alat besi" and I really can see the thing touched my eyes but I can't feel anything. For some people maybe it's scary but I think that was fun part for me (Not to mention, the surgery quite scary...).

My surgery started at 1.45 in the afternoon. The first session was to create a corneal flap. They brought me to one room which equipped with all those machine (you know what I mean)..ohhh before that they put these hospital clothes on me (I don't really know how to call that, clothes with foot cover and shower cap). They used something like selofan to keep my eyes wide open. The flap creation was last for about few minutes, then they brought me to another room to do the Excimer Laser. I lied down and had to see straight to the red light above me. This procedure also last about few minutes. Not that long actually. But when the laser started, I can smell like something's burning (bau terbakar or barbeque)..quite scary....

That's it. After the whole surgery process which was about not more than 20 minutes, I went back home, of course laa my husband drive me home. At that time I had to wear sunglass because it was so glaring. I can't even open my eyes, it was so bright and started to feel pedih, like when we cut the onions. We went straight back home, and I slept for few hours. Antibiotic eye drop and artificial tears are the medications that I have to use for few weeks.

At 7pm I woke up and taraaaa......I can see clearly!! Eventhough it was still a little bit blurry and cloudy, but no more short sighted, or rabun jauh. The day after, it was all clear! And I went for 1st check up after surgery. The next check up will be on this Friday (1 week after), 1 month after, 3 months after and yearly check-up.

Again, thanks to Optimax for corrected my eyes..

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Destiny

Pics of all pages from our wedding studio album.. really love it so much!


My new Guess bag! Love it vewy mushhh..! And love my hubby too! *wink!* LOL! Got 40% less for this bag..

Jump seat!

Went back to KUL on my husband's flight was really amusing and exciting! His Capt allowed me to sit in the cockpit (jump seat) throughout the flight. It was my husband's sector. I also listened to the radio, and watched how my husband did his job.. take off and landing.. did his briefing, PA announcement.. etc...

Take off from KK was very fast and fun.. The feeling of take off and landing are so different if you're in the cockpit and you sit at the pax seat in the cabin. It is totally different. Malaysian 2663 climb up Flight Level 350 heading 270.. hehhe... The landing was a little bit scary because at that time there was a 16 knots crosswind on final and the aircraft nose was to the right (it was not center line at all with the runway). Just about to touch down, the aircraft went back to its center line and it touched down safely.. I could see how hard my husband tried to control the aircraft to land safely with that kind of crosswind and also gusty air. Controlling the speed, rudder, nose up and down.. Prior to land, I could see he cut off the thrust and pulled the reverser thrust to slow down the aircraft...I was so impressed and amazed.. hehehe...

But when we think bout it, most pax will questioned and complaint why the landing was so hard, bla bla...itula inila...but they never know that it was very hard to control the aircraft and to make the aircraft land safely..It's not that easy.. some asked why is it hard landing, the weather is so good and clear, it's not raining or what... but they never know that with clear sky, gusty air and crosswind also exist.

Unfortunately I forgot to take picture on the landing time. I was too busy watching my husband controlled the aircraft. Heehehe... Gomen nasai..

Forgot to mention, their business class meal was very delicious! Nyam nyam!

Kota Kinabalu

It's been a while since I updated my blog. I went for 5 days holiday in Miri and also in Kota Kinabalu. Went back to Miri for 3 days and went to KK to meet my husband there since he was nitestopping in KK for 4 days. Our plan in KK was to go to Manukan or Mamutik Island and rent a jet ski or parasail (jet ski costs RM280 and parasail RM80 per person). I arrived in KK at 3.10pm, I took a taxi to Hyatt Regency and wait for hubby in his room. At that time he was operating a flight and should be landing back to KK at 3pm.

At 5pm we walked along the coastal road to Filipino Market. Bought some pearl bracelet and necklace.. there are few types of pearl, either it is from sea water or fresh water. The pearl from sea water is very round and quite expensive (RM200++ for a necklace) and the other type is from fresh water which look alike "biji jagung". This one is affordable.

We went to Pasar Malam and found lots of seafood stall.. thinking that long time already didn't have the chance to eat seafood so..apalagilah...melantak.. (ngeh ngeh ngeh..) But it was very cheap! Ikan pari, crab, large and small sotong with nasi were only RM29!
The next day we supposed to go to the island but very the unlucky me, one whole day have been raining, on and off.. the sky is very gloomy and depressing....erghh...what a day!

So we just lepak at room.. don't know what else we can do.. At 4pm we went out to Warisan Square (still raining!) and had our lunch in Secret Recipe.. At nite we went back to that Pasar Malam and melantak again the grilled seafood!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can you live without make up?

I love MAC! Can't live without make ups....!

Last month I spent almost Rm200 on make ups...I bought Elianto eyeshadow pallete and Estee Lauder Christmas limited edition make up set (consists of eyeshadow pallete, lipstick pallete, lip liner, eye liner, mascara, lipstick and a very simple nice clutch).

I told to myself I'm not going to buy anymore make ups for the next few months (except getting a new one to replace finished item) but ohh how can I resist to buy a MAC limited edition eyeshadow pallete? With gold color casing + colorful circular design on top of it... it's really kicking my heart... I need to get one for my collection.. (need to, have to, must have) And it cost me RM170... plus I bought Satin Lipstick Cherish Color and my Pressed Powder which the old one almost finished. So the total was RM308! Gosh..


Recently I went back to Miri during my offdays (to be exact, 2 days only). Went on my hubby's flight, he was rostered to nitestop in Miri on that day. So bought discounted ticket (under hubby's privilege..FYI only RM61 KUL-MYY, *wink!* jangan jeles ok!), it was economy class, but then when I was boarding the aircraft, the Leading Steward and hubby (standing at the fwd galley waiting for me to board), asked me to sit at the business class... wahh.... apalagi!! And at that time, only 2 pax was seated at the business class. Lucky me!

On that flight too, hubby got one co-pilot line training (convert from Fokker to 737), so hubby was the safety co-pilot for the other co-pilot. During the flight, his Capt asked him to lepak wit me in the cabin (yalah pity me, lonely in the cabin maa..), but he needs to take out his epaulette and tag. So we lepak-lepak and makan-makan lah.....what else?

In Miri, stayed at KakDoe's house. Mom and dad also stayed at KakDoe's. Saja memenuhkan rumah sis. Me and hubby went to Amy Hair Studio (studio where we took nice outdoor and indoor pics after wedding) to collect some of our photo gift from the wedding photo package which already completed. The 10R special design album haven't completed yet. Don't know when it will be ready...maybe another week or two. Me and hubby looked really like chinese in those photos. *heh!* Most of all family said we do look like HongKong stars...(erghh... prefer Japanese! LOL!) I'll upload those studio photos later (after scan them).

In the cabin wit hubby.. Wit mom!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

Happy happy new year 2007 to all bloggers... kinda bit late...
and this is my new year face...

what past is past, and now looking to the future..

Anyway I love this pic vewy's some kind of me at the back quite blur, and IKEA glass flower vase in front. At the back is IKEA black frame wall clock and IKEA wooden shelf. Captured this pic by using hubby Canon Ixus, used the timer mode, placed it in front of the vase at the IKEA bookcase... and after clicked the snap button, quickly ran to the back of bookcase and posed.... lol.. many times did I mention IKEA? (^_^)