Monday, December 28, 2009

Dacchi's Achievements

At 5 months, Dacchi learned how to crawl. But before he can crawl perfectly, he already learned how to sit. My mom said "belom abis belajar merangkak dah gago nak belajar dudok". And now he is doing it again. Last two days his first tooth at last came out. Just a tiny lil bit only. Can feel with your finger, macam ada bergerigi.. Dah berbulan-bulan waiting for his tooth to come out and at last sudah memecah gusinya.

And somehow gigi belum habis keluar, yesterday he bravely made his first step! Bravo Dacchi...before this sangat takut nak melangkahkan kakinya. When stands up, he will sit and crawl if he wants to get to something. Or he will walk slowly and hold onto something (bertete kata orang sarawak). my helper told me yesterday morning Dacchi suddenly pepandai nak melangkahkan kakinya.

Just for my own record, Dacchi's first tooth came out when he was 9 months 20 days old and his first step was a day after that.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Goodbye ATOZ

It seems that it is confirmed that I will resign from ATOZ soon. Somewhere in February. My maid has made her decision not to renew her contract with me. It is sad coz I love working at ATOZ. No stress and the staff are like my family, they are friendly, always having fun and respect each other and the most important is my boss is the best boss in the world. I never met a boss like her. She is sweet, very kind, always think for her staff and very hard working. She is a Japanese. I told her that I would love to do design work for ATOZ as a freelance so that I can still work from home. She is really happy with that and will discuss with our accountant about it.

* Some of my design works..

Meanwhile i think that since I'll become a full time housewife, I will have some free time. Paused. I forgot to mention that Wandy and I have discussed and decided to hire a new maid to replace the current one. The reason is Wandy wants someone at home who can accompany me and Dacchi while he's away flying for few days. If he works like others, coming back at evening, then tak perlu maid pun tak apa coz he will always be at home at nite. Betul jugaklah cakap dia. If he is away for a week, it will be so lonely for me and Dacchi and it is very difficult for me to go out kalau ada apa-apa hal.

Ok back to the story, since we will hire a new maid, so most of kerja cleaning akan diambil alih oleh the maid. So I will be relax lah jugak and have a lot of time with Dacchi. Before this I always think that if one day I'll resign from my work, I wanna do something from home to get some pocket money. Tak mau duduk goyang kaki lah konon, coz I always think that I want to have my own money eventhough sikit, at least kalau shopping pakai duit sendiri takdelah orang nak bising. If hubby beri duit, mesti ada rasa risau dan serba salah kalau nak spend banyak. Right?

These are the things that I think I wanna do at home and get some extra cash:
1. Jahit manik baju kurung
2. Buat dan jual semi-precious stone necklace & bracelet
3. Open an online boutique
4. Pergi bridal make-up course and slowly make-up orang for dinner ke ape after that try make-up for weddings

But after banyak kali pikir, the first 3 things macam a little bit susah la.

1. Eventhough I have interest in jahitan manik, tapi this kerja very rumit (rutit kata orang sarawak) and use lots of small beads..susah sikit bila kita ada beranak kecil. Kalau buat for baju sendiri tu bolehla tapi kalau nak ambil upah buat baju orang, minta maaflah. Tak larat aku...

2. I have this idea of making semi-precious stone necklace & bracelet from my sisters. They bought these necklace from a friend who made them by herself. Really cantik and boleh buat untung coz it is expensive (Sorry tiada gambar hiasan). But, I try to find kat mana nak beli these batu kat KL, I couldn't find any. Entahlah kat mana diorang sorok this kind of shop. Memang ada jumpa few tapi usually they sell necklace yang dah siap not strands of different kinds of semi-precious stones. Boringlah beli yang dah siap sebab diorang buat tak cantik.

3. Sama juga I don't know where to start. Kat mana nak cari supplier? And also most of online boutiques jual baju yang sama. If I know how to sew baju, bolehlah nak buat my own design.. ehehe.. konon jadik fashion designer lah...=p

4. Now I've come to the last idea and I'm very very interested in this. Aku memang suka mekap. Mekap sendiri and mekap orang. And I have my own make-up kits lengkap dengan brush set from MAC. If I have time I'll post some of cara-cara nak make-up. Last time masa masih belum kahwin I was very active in one of the online beauty forum and I always post cara-cara nak mekap macam-macam jenis.

* My make-up kit (I love my brushes!)

So I was thinking I wanna enroll in bridal make-up course somewhere in January (for a month course or something) and then try to get customer yang nak make-up for dinner or any occasion lah. Start off with friends and family lah dulu... charge murah lah skit..hahaha..memang berangan besar.. but I know this will work coz I love to do it. But to make sure it will work, I have to be hardworking in enhancing my make-up skills.... so friends and family, kalau ada sesiapa nak pegi dinner ke occasion ke and looking for someone yang boleh make-up kan korang, please do call me!! (After aku dah amik course laaa.... lebih rasa confident skit, skarang pun boleh untuk simple-simple je la...hahaha) But I'm not thinking to be pro make-up artist yang pegi make-up for artis-artis...tapi memang boleh jadi kaya la kalau nak sampai macam tu. haha..

p/s entah apa aku merapu ni..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Another 10 things about Dacchi

1. Sleeps with his Stitch hand. (Dahla susah nak carik this thing again, actually bought Stitch hand which is actually a pair of gloves in Tokyo Disneyland last year. Entah macamana setelah dipatihkan oleh my maid, terus jadi bantal tido Dacchi pulak). Kalau aku, aku malas nak biasakan anak dengan sesuatu takut nanti terlupa or hilang, memang susah nak tido!)
2. Bila geram, he'll bite or suck Stitch nail.

3. He has lots of sleeping style. (Tapi asyik lupa nak ambil gambar)
4. Smile happily when see mama and papa enter the main door (coming home from somewhere).
5. Lately he likes to stand without hold onto something.
6. At his age, he still drink 5oz of milk daytime and 4oz of milk nite time. Sounds like sikitnyaaa!!
7. His favorite food are Wheat and Honey and Pumpkin with Sweet Corn (Heinz).
8. His favorite fruit is Orange.
9. Lately he likes to scream until sakit tekak.
10.When strangers see him, they always thought that he is a girl. They always ask either "Girl izzit?" or "Girl or boy?".

Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 things about Dacchi

1. Loves to watch Barney dvds
2. Likes to suck the back of his pacifier
3. Likes to put his hand into mouth then puke
4. Lazy to hold Babybites or his bottle when feeding time
5. Cries when tuck him to sleep (coz still want to play!)
6. Only one time he can stand up by himself without hold on to something
7. Likes to pegang my house slippers and actually wants to suck it (tapi sempat diambil!)
8. Loves to kacau my lappie
9. Cries when his stroller on static mode (kena tolak pusing-pusing baru diam)
10. He is so cute while sleeping but soooo not cute bila marah-marah!

*From left: Dacchi 0 mos, 3 mos, 5 mos and 8 mos

Dubai, UAE

Just went back from Dubai. It was Wandy's 1 week Dubai trip. So we decided to use his annual FOC ticket for me and Dacchi to follow him there. Sebenarnya ada banyak idea nak tulis blog but I always have no time (since asyik dengan FB jer..). Sebab nak tulis entri I have to think deeper and usually I spent more than 1 hour to complete 1 entry. English tak power that's why I took so long to write for just 1 entry.

Dubai bestlah jugak, but things are quite expensive there, it's not like last time where people always said that Dubai is a shopping heaven. Kalau beli kain, yes kot. Pure Italian/Korean silk are really cheap! Bought quite a number of washable silk and chiffon from kedai kain Pulwani at Naif Road.

* Siap tulis Air Crew Shop lagi tu..

We went shopping and sight seeing at Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Deira City Centre.. Malls in Dubai are really huge! Memang kalah MidValley or Pavillion. Dahlah besar, panjang pulak tu. But I found that clothes at Forever 21 there are cheaper than in KL. Cheaper skit la kut. So I got myself some tops, of courselah papa paid for it since all my money, I have spent for beli kain and souvenirs for orang! Adeii...

Anyway, heard that Dubai's economy is not doing well currently.. aku pun tak tau apa yang berlaku coz I don't watch news or read newspaper (malas ok! and I hate news!) But still, I adore their unique design of building or skyscrapers...memang pelik-pelik. But very beautiful to look at atau nak ambik gambar.

Dubai has everything, but one thing Dubai kalah is pasal its Metro Train. Itu takdapat nak lawan dengan Japan! Their system is not so good.. ticket machine ada beberapa bijik saja.. 2 or just 4 bijik saja....adoi..dengan too many people terpaksa queue lama to get just 1 ticket. Other than that their officer pun tak reti nak give direction or arahan properly. Aku pun takfaham. Rasanya paham lagi aku kalau di Japan (yup I know I can understand Japanese..)

The train is good. I think every 10 minutes ada train sampai. Okla tu for them. Kalau nak lawan KL pun KL memang kalah la. The city is very clean. Boleh tahan. KL memang kalah lagi on cleanliness.

Ah ok, I don't really know what to say more about Dubai. I still love Japan than Arab's city. Entahlah...maybe I like Japanese people more than Arabians.

*Clockwise: Burj Al-Arab, in front of Hyatt Regency Dubai, aquarium in Dubai Mall, View from our room