Monday, December 25, 2006


U get stressed when :

1. Ur dream is to be a pilot but u have lot of things in ur mind..
2. U saw a cadet pilot advert in the web and STAR, and the due date for application is 12th January..
3. U know the requirement is very high and ur Physics is just C6... *hmm...*
4. U want to fly but u can't be pregnant for at least 5 years starting from the day u join flying skool..
5. U add up ur age with 5and the total is 31.. *fhk#!%dg!#*
6. U think if u undergo the training in flying skool, u'll be far away from ur love ones..
7. U heard that this will be the last intake for cadet pilot...(maybe)..
8. U don't want to be a cabin crew anymore but u don't even have any idea what ur going to be if not as pilot coz u still want to fly..
9. U know either one u choose, u'll have to sacrifice on sumthin..
10. U talked to others about ur problem but u still can't make any decision...
11. U know that u will regret one day if u don't make the right decision NOW!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Ferry Flight

Yesterday was a very fun day. Supposed operate KUL-KCH-KUL but then Ops called inform changing sector to Surabaya (SUB). And my FO was Shara, lady pilot aka my husband's batchmate in MFA. When reached Ops they informed that this flight is QZ rescue flight, which means QZ (AirAsia Indonesia) aircraft grounded in KUL, so there was no plane to send pax to SUB. So we rescued them, sending them to SUB, and return flight was empty! No pax at all.. or we called it ferry flight. Coincidently another lady pilot, FO Fiza just came back from her morning flight, and she wanted to follow us to SUB (coz return flight is ferry flight), our Capt Hanshin agreed. So we have 2 FO's in our flight! Yay!

So the return flight, we just played around in the cabin...hehehee.... my 3 other crew also lepak-lepak and borak-borak. Me, Fiza and Shara crazily took photos...from cockpit to cabin! LOL!

Some other 'gila' photos are in Fiza's phone, will ask for it! Owh forgot to mention, we ordered Nasi Padang and Nasi Pecal from Surabaya too!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Some shoots wit cheeky frens in Alamanda...:P

Friday, December 15, 2006


I've learned sumthing new today on Photoshop. Tried this cool stuff to make vintage look on your movie-like poster. Try it out!


Bought this eyeshadow color pallete at Elianto Alamanda. Usually I like pastel colors and have lots, so that day I wanted to try a little bit shocking color, or kaler kaler terang gitu! The price quite cheap, for each eyeshadow RM5 and the casing itsef costs RM10. Lots of different size of casing, with 4 eyeshadow color, 6 colors and even got 30 colors also.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

KLIA - One Utama

This morning me and my husband went to KLIA to catch a flight to Miri. But we're on standby basis under my husband MAS privilege.. We parked our car at ERL Salak Tinggi station and took ERL to KLIA at 11 am. Coincidently we have the same day offdays thats why we want to go back to our 'lovely' hometown. But unfortunately the two flights to Miri are all full.. pheww... yea I know, it's skool holidays... AirAsia flight also full today..

At last we decided to get our car and drive to One Utama and watch Cicak-Man. Movie maniac ppl! ;p But first of all we went to Subang HQ coz my husband got sumthin to settle in the office. The movie started at 6.50 pm, so before that we went to Colours and Hush Pups bought some my husband! I can't help it if it's come to shop time..;p women....!!

These are sum special items that my husband bought just now, of course, for me.. (know what ur thinkin! *wink*)

Cicak-Man quite a fantastic movie created by KRU... normally I don't really like watching Malay movie coz.. u know...very-the jiwang cintan story.. not really into jiwang language...hahhaa...
but this movie I want to watch coz it's really sumthin different, superhero Malay version... CGI also quite impressive and not forget to mention, the scenery is not really in Malaysia. I think most of all they used green screen to create such scenery. Anyway I give 7 out of 10 for this movie.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Delayed again!??!!

Urghh....I'm at the office rite now, my flight to Pnomh Penh supposed to depart at 1515 but just when I entered the office, my crew told me that our flight was retimed to 1720... erghhh!!!!! Tension! Flight operations shud call us earlier so that we can wait at home rather then waiting in the office for 2 hours? Damn it! I guess we just have to wait here or having sum lunch sumwhere....but where else? U think that LCCT is big as KLIA? Have lots of restaurants and fast food? Pliss... Either McD, Coffee Bean or Asian Kitchen? U choose..

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I really adore this mpv.. it's Toyota Caldina...really really cool, sporty and awesome..
The price? Not really sure but from what I surf in the net, it's around 150k-200k... Urghhh..
Not many Caldina in town, if I'm not mistaken it's not in Malaysia yet but some ppl can purchase the re-con (izzit correct spelling?) one. One in LCCT, I saw, and the owner must be one of AirAsia staff, one or two I saw in KL and one in Miri. Other than that, none.


My flight last nite was delayed again....I dont know whats happening these few days our flights always delayed. But 2 things about AirAsia, raining or technical prob = delayed. Last nite I operated KUL-Surabaya-KUL, first sector delayed due to heavily rain in Sepang. We have to wait for few minutes until the rain is cleared a bit to board the pax. Pity to pax they have to run to the aircraft with umbrellas..:P

In Surabaya, our aircraft had a small technical problem which caused around 15 mins for our engineer to fix it. So we've been transit in Surabaya for about an hour before taking off to Kuala Lumpur. Just about to land in KUL, Capt Sahari informed me that we had to continue sectors to Penang. Most of the evening flights were delayed and I heard pax were crazily mad and even bergaduh besar at the boarding hall with the ground staff. Pity them. But what can I say..?

So we landed back in KUL around 2.10 in the morning. Goshh..then I have to drive back to home, luckily my house is not that far, juz about 15 mins drive from LCCT.


Went to Ozmosis Spa at Bangsar that day wit my husband... both of us got backpain and we need....of course massage...The spa quite nice, with very soothing environment..we made reservation for two in one room. RM200 for each massage for 1 1/2 hours...

I guess the "tukang urut" (what ah?) are from Philippines, but those women are very2 strong... they used both arm to massage our back.. and when it comes to foot massage...aaahhhhh....sarawakian said "nyamannn jak rasa kakiku".. i really need foot massage or foot reflexology (betul ke?) coz my job is 70% walking and standing.

U can enter their site Ozmosis and take a look of their services..

MRS and MR

I just got married one month ago...and my very special day was on 3rd and 4th November glad at last I got married too... if that very special day can be "ulang tayang" (how to say in english uh?) i would love to kahwin for one mo time (of course wit the same guy laa......) I hav sum of my wedding pics in my friendster if u guys wants to see lah.. and my wedding CD is still in Miri, haven't got back to Miri since the haven't watch it yet. I guess I'll be going back to Miri on 12th and 13th Dec, coz fortunately I have the same offdays with my husband. Muahss to you honey!

Can't even think that my status changed already.. somebody's wife, or bini orang, or Puan Wedi? Ewww......LOL..

Hi there, again!

Okay...this is my new blog site..yea I know, I love to read my cuzzie's blog and I would love to have one like hers...hehee....:P
So I just post some of my latest posts from Frienster Blog.