Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Destiny

Pics of all pages from our wedding studio album.. really love it so much!


My new Guess bag! Love it vewy mushhh..! And love my hubby too! *wink!* LOL! Got 40% less for this bag..

Jump seat!

Went back to KUL on my husband's flight was really amusing and exciting! His Capt allowed me to sit in the cockpit (jump seat) throughout the flight. It was my husband's sector. I also listened to the radio, and watched how my husband did his job.. take off and landing.. did his briefing, PA announcement.. etc...

Take off from KK was very fast and fun.. The feeling of take off and landing are so different if you're in the cockpit and you sit at the pax seat in the cabin. It is totally different. Malaysian 2663 climb up Flight Level 350 heading 270.. hehhe... The landing was a little bit scary because at that time there was a 16 knots crosswind on final and the aircraft nose was to the right (it was not center line at all with the runway). Just about to touch down, the aircraft went back to its center line and it touched down safely.. I could see how hard my husband tried to control the aircraft to land safely with that kind of crosswind and also gusty air. Controlling the speed, rudder, nose up and down.. Prior to land, I could see he cut off the thrust and pulled the reverser thrust to slow down the aircraft...I was so impressed and amazed.. hehehe...

But when we think bout it, most pax will questioned and complaint why the landing was so hard, bla bla...itula inila...but they never know that it was very hard to control the aircraft and to make the aircraft land safely..It's not that easy.. some asked why is it hard landing, the weather is so good and clear, it's not raining or what... but they never know that with clear sky, gusty air and crosswind also exist.

Unfortunately I forgot to take picture on the landing time. I was too busy watching my husband controlled the aircraft. Heehehe... Gomen nasai..

Forgot to mention, their business class meal was very delicious! Nyam nyam!

Kota Kinabalu

It's been a while since I updated my blog. I went for 5 days holiday in Miri and also in Kota Kinabalu. Went back to Miri for 3 days and went to KK to meet my husband there since he was nitestopping in KK for 4 days. Our plan in KK was to go to Manukan or Mamutik Island and rent a jet ski or parasail (jet ski costs RM280 and parasail RM80 per person). I arrived in KK at 3.10pm, I took a taxi to Hyatt Regency and wait for hubby in his room. At that time he was operating a flight and should be landing back to KK at 3pm.

At 5pm we walked along the coastal road to Filipino Market. Bought some pearl bracelet and necklace.. there are few types of pearl, either it is from sea water or fresh water. The pearl from sea water is very round and quite expensive (RM200++ for a necklace) and the other type is from fresh water which look alike "biji jagung". This one is affordable.

We went to Pasar Malam and found lots of seafood stall.. thinking that long time already didn't have the chance to eat seafood so..apalagilah...melantak.. (ngeh ngeh ngeh..) But it was very cheap! Ikan pari, crab, large and small sotong with nasi were only RM29!
The next day we supposed to go to the island but very the unlucky me, one whole day have been raining, on and off.. the sky is very gloomy and depressing....erghh...what a day!

So we just lepak at room.. don't know what else we can do.. At 4pm we went out to Warisan Square (still raining!) and had our lunch in Secret Recipe.. At nite we went back to that Pasar Malam and melantak again the grilled seafood!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can you live without make up?

I love MAC! Can't live without make ups....!

Last month I spent almost Rm200 on make ups...I bought Elianto eyeshadow pallete and Estee Lauder Christmas limited edition make up set (consists of eyeshadow pallete, lipstick pallete, lip liner, eye liner, mascara, lipstick and a very simple nice clutch).

I told to myself I'm not going to buy anymore make ups for the next few months (except getting a new one to replace finished item) but ohh how can I resist to buy a MAC limited edition eyeshadow pallete? With gold color casing + colorful circular design on top of it... it's really kicking my heart... I need to get one for my collection.. (need to, have to, must have) And it cost me RM170... plus I bought Satin Lipstick Cherish Color and my Pressed Powder which the old one almost finished. So the total was RM308! Gosh..


Recently I went back to Miri during my offdays (to be exact, 2 days only). Went on my hubby's flight, he was rostered to nitestop in Miri on that day. So bought discounted ticket (under hubby's privilege..FYI only RM61 KUL-MYY, *wink!* jangan jeles ok!), it was economy class, but then when I was boarding the aircraft, the Leading Steward and hubby (standing at the fwd galley waiting for me to board), asked me to sit at the business class... wahh.... apalagi!! And at that time, only 2 pax was seated at the business class. Lucky me!

On that flight too, hubby got one co-pilot line training (convert from Fokker to 737), so hubby was the safety co-pilot for the other co-pilot. During the flight, his Capt asked him to lepak wit me in the cabin (yalah pity me, lonely in the cabin maa..), but he needs to take out his epaulette and tag. So we lepak-lepak and makan-makan lah.....what else?

In Miri, stayed at KakDoe's house. Mom and dad also stayed at KakDoe's. Saja memenuhkan rumah sis. Me and hubby went to Amy Hair Studio (studio where we took nice outdoor and indoor pics after wedding) to collect some of our photo gift from the wedding photo package which already completed. The 10R special design album haven't completed yet. Don't know when it will be ready...maybe another week or two. Me and hubby looked really like chinese in those photos. *heh!* Most of all family said we do look like HongKong stars...(erghh... prefer Japanese! LOL!) I'll upload those studio photos later (after scan them).

In the cabin wit hubby.. Wit mom!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

Happy happy new year 2007 to all bloggers... kinda bit late...
and this is my new year face...

what past is past, and now looking to the future..

Anyway I love this pic vewy's some kind of me at the back quite blur, and IKEA glass flower vase in front. At the back is IKEA black frame wall clock and IKEA wooden shelf. Captured this pic by using hubby Canon Ixus, used the timer mode, placed it in front of the vase at the IKEA bookcase... and after clicked the snap button, quickly ran to the back of bookcase and posed.... lol.. many times did I mention IKEA? (^_^)