Friday, June 29, 2007

Can you smile fakely like us in the sky?

Hey..that's me...! With short hair! Huhu.. :P

I kind of went through my certificate file just now (to prepare for my final interview tomorrow..) and I found a piece of Star Recruitment page in it. I still kept the cabin crew advert with my photo in it...(yalaaahh of course you keep advert with your face on it laa) but it was year 2004.. when I once became the 'pasu bunga' or flower pot for AirAsia... but I think it's not really pasu bunga, maybe I was just the leaf only... coz my photo appeared only one time. Hahaha... kesiannye aku. Pasu bunga (that's what we called here in AA) meaning model of AirAsia and your ass face keep on appearing in any of AA advert.

* Still thinking when will be my face stick onto one of AA plane? Hahaha...maybe not in a million... (sounds jealous!)

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