Thursday, June 28, 2007


This fella is so cute... he is my hubby's sister's son.. still remembered when the first time sis called us after the boy born, hubby asked for his name. And I heard hubby said, what? Amad Ahmin? Hhehee... instead of Ahmad Amin - became Amad Ahmin...hehehe... then the name always became a joke between me, hubby and cuzzie, Aileen. hahahaa.... but the point is, Amin is such a little cute boy...

Talking bout baby, I was thinking about pregnant thing...yeahh who doesn't want kids, rite? Last nite I kind of chit chat wit hubby on sms. He was nitestopping in Penang.
I asked him :
Bee, I think I want to get pregnant by end of this year or early next year. What do you think?
He answered me :
Are we stable yet at that time? Coz I think I still wanna go holiday with you...maybe to Hokkaido, if you get pregnant then it's a little bit hard for you..
Actually hard for him lerr...hehehee... I know he's not ready yet to have a kid..:P
I said :
I don't care. I wanna try to get pregnant around Nov-Feb.
He said :
Oklah to be fair and square we try to get anak sumtimes in March, then you'll be probably buncit when Raya comes...
He made fun of me pulak...!! :P
I said:
We can go on holiday when our kid turns 3 years old. After holiday, then I get pregnant again lah...hahaha....

Anyway today I did surf the internet and just window shopping on stylish modern maternity fashion...ahakss...jangan gelak laa.....darn it! yeaa...I like to think for the future..:P

Look what I've found :

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  1. hrmmm..wedy nak baby ke? za sokong!! dun care much abt dressing. u look nice in anything. sure boleh jadi HOT mama! :)