Friday, June 29, 2007


I had a bad day today with bad ass passengers...not really as bad as my other countless few flights.. Farking damn pax! Sometimes it makes you sick if you have a really really ass type of pax! I operated Chiangmai flight this morning, departure at 8.50 am. At 8.40 am almost all pax boarded the plane and we started to do headcount of the pax onboard but we were down by 7 pax. Ground staff came onboard and told me they still can't find the 7 pax, they were not in the boarding hall, so I paged their names through PA (in the plane) to make sure there are really not boarded yet and so that we can do our next procedure for missing pax which is to offload them! Meaning offload here is to left them behind (padan muka!) and to get their bulky checked-in baggage out of the cargo.

After I paged their names, one pax came forward and told us that the 7 missing pax were his friends. They supposed to go on tour together in Chiangmai so we asked him to call his friends. I informed Captain Puvan about that matter. It's already 8.45 am and another 5 minutes we need to close the plane door. Capt Puvan pissed off and came out from the cockpit. That guy told us his friends were still at the Immigration Counter. With a little bit anger, Capt Puvan said to that guy, "Mana kawan awak ni ha? Dah dekat nak depart belum lagi boarding. 90 passenger lain boleh masuk awal, kenape diorang tak boleh? Buang masa passenger lain nak kene tunggu kawan2 awak tu! " He was really pissed off.... I likeee.....hehehe...:P

That guy was a little bit shaking and quite scared. 2 minutes after that (it was already departure time) another ground staff came with the other 7 pax... The most annoying part was they were already too late to board the plane, and when they were boarding they even laughing and took their sweet ass time to walk into the cabin. They should at least say sorry to us and to other pax coz we have to wait for their ass to board.

If they were another more minutes late, I think Capt Puvan will offload them even with their 1 checked-in bag. Even if while the ramp staff find their bulky bag in the cargo, their already at the boarding hall, I think Capt Puvan will not agree to carry them because they didn't respect other people time. As a reminder, passenger who are going for INTERNATIONAL flights need to be at the boarding hall AT LEAST 45 mins before departure. You need at least 1 hour by the time you enter the Immigration counter (sometimes full of pax) and you need to go through the scanning bags area plus the new LAG procedure ( Liquid, Gas and Aerosol) - you are only allowed to carry LAG item in your hand carry bag as per the procedure :
- max 100ml per bottle limited to 1 liter per person (am I correct? heheh...)

Only for International flights...for the time being, I guess...p(^_^)q

P/s - How many times did I say ass?

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