Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holiday again..

Actually I did write about this post, but I kindof delete it...or "misplaced"? hmm...

I just came back from 3-day 2-nite holiday in Langkawi wit hubby's family. We stayed at Langkawi Lagoon Resort. Quite nice hotel, got water chalet and private lagoon. My husband an I went on parasailing at Cenang Beach. It was fun and quite scary at the first moment. But when you're up there, you feel very relaxing with wind blowing on your face. You can see the whole paradise beach with lines of resorts and hotels on the other side and few islands scattered around at the sea..

This part a little bit scary.. when the boat pulled you off the beach and the wind blew you up... Hehh....
Huh! This one almost hit the trees...did'nt hear they shout "Lepas! Lepas!" and me keep pulling the rope....what the...!!!!

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