Sunday, March 18, 2007

3 years?

Hola! Last two days ago I did my recurrent drill with all my batchmates at AirAsia Academy and at Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam. Door drill (brace & evacuation command), slide drill, fire drill and wet drill are all the training that we must undergo once every 3 years. And recurrent safety and first aid with exam are the training that we must undergo once a year. So it means that I've been with AirAsia for 3 years! 3 years! Quite a long time.. owh and that means that my 3 years training bond completed and now I'm a permanent worker in AA. *Jumping crazily*

I wanna share the experience of our training drills with you guys. Woke up early in the morning, I already felt like my throat in pain. Gosh..I knew that I will suffer sore throat by the end of the day, so I brought along my fisherman's friend (u know or not?) 6 cabin crew were all from my batch, another 2 from JB base and 1 from Kch. First thing we did was Airbus 320 door drill at Airbus mockup room. Which we need to do the normal operation of opening and closing, arming and disarming the door. (Yup maybe you think that this is very easy, but seriously there were several incident where crew opened the airbus door in armed mode, and the slide inflated!! Luckily there was no one outside, if not, that guy already flown away or hit by the slide! For those of you who did not understand, arming door means to make the evacuation slide pack attach to the door so in the event of emergency, the door will be opened with the slide. So means the door in armed mode. Disarm door means to open door in normal operation, without slide.

Try this, next time if you go for any flight, try to listen to the announcement made by the leading crew after all passenger boarded, and the crew need to close the door. Normally after the door closed, she/he will announce "Cabin crew, arm all doors and cross-check". So all crew must arm their door at that time.

Ok back to my drill, after we finished the door drill, we proceed to slide drill. I like this part! Hehehe...I mean, jumping part. We need to do 2 times slide drill which were for Airbus and 737 (different height when the slide attached to door) So hurry hurry jump! Jump!

After that we did the Fire Drill. I think you know about this. We were trained how to fight fire in the correct way and each one of us had to fight fire (real fire ok!) with the fire extinguisher. Then, we continued with our brace/evacuation command drills. These are the command for unprepared crashland :

Brace: Emergency, emergency, heads down, grab ankles, remain seated!
(Hey, u need to shout out loud u know!)
Evacuation: Release seatbelt, leave everything, shoes off, come this way, hurry hurry, standback, standback, hurry, jump! Hurry, jump!

This was when I got my sore throat..(until now)
Then, at 3pm we proceed with our wet drill at the Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam (coz our Academy doesn't have swimming pool yet, ermmm coming soon) This was to train us what and how we should do when the aircraft ditch into the sea. So sone with wet drill, we continued our door drill for 737 at LCC Terminal at 10pm (Coz our Academy doesn't have 737 mockup room, so we need the real aircraft to do door drill). We finished all drills at 12am.

The next day (rest day)...I got sick!! Owh before that, me and hubby went to MATTA Fair at PWTC, coz we want to look for Japan tour package for our HONEYMOON in April(ok, ok I knew that I've been married for 4 months already, but we haven't gone for our honeymoon yet, no time and no leave! Hehehe...kesian... At the MATTA Fair I felt so sick, got cough and flu from the sorry throat. I hate that, whenever you get sore throat, it will lead to flu, cough, kahak and fever. Damn it! But I need to company my hubby to settle with the tour package, gambatte Wedy-san!

We went back at 7pm and made a stop at Fuziah Clinic (Kota Warisan, my home area. At home, I felt very sick and tired..luckily I got 1 rest day + 2 days off.. so now I just rest and relax at home..


  1. wow...all the drills sound tiring! I think I would have pased out by the end of the day. Bila pegi Japan?? Kirim Takeshi Kaneshiro satu!

  2. I'm just doing these drills at the moment and have to be tested on them next week so thanks for the insight!