Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can you live without make up?

I love MAC! Can't live without make ups....!

Last month I spent almost Rm200 on make ups...I bought Elianto eyeshadow pallete and Estee Lauder Christmas limited edition make up set (consists of eyeshadow pallete, lipstick pallete, lip liner, eye liner, mascara, lipstick and a very simple nice clutch).

I told to myself I'm not going to buy anymore make ups for the next few months (except getting a new one to replace finished item) but ohh how can I resist to buy a MAC limited edition eyeshadow pallete? With gold color casing + colorful circular design on top of it... it's really kicking my heart... I need to get one for my collection.. (need to, have to, must have) And it cost me RM170... plus I bought Satin Lipstick Cherish Color and my Pressed Powder which the old one almost finished. So the total was RM308! Gosh..

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