Sunday, June 10, 2007

TV Series

Prison Break, One Tree Hill and Heroes.. those are the famous TV Series that I really really love... especially Prison Break and One Tree Hill coz they have one handsome-cool actor that melt my heart whenever I watched them... pheww...

My hubby bought dvd Season 1 & 2 Prison Break and I finished those dvd in 5 days straight... what can I say..I do love Micheal Scofield very much... and now I have to wait, I dunno how long maybe 1 year, or more, for the 3rd season to be released...

I adore Nathan Scott in One Tree Hill much more than his brother Lucas Scott.. he is so loving, caring, handsome (of course), cute...and his body...I can't say watch then you know...:P and he is a basketball player too...

Ok, these are their out!

Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield
James Lafferty aka Nathan Scott

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