Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Huh! My blog is sooo not updated... really sorry guys.. I was too busy, too lazy, too many things happen lately.. but I will keep my blog alive..Heh..

So you guys may already seen my Japan tour photos in my friendster. Gone for 7 days 5 nites trip to Kansai - Osaka - Kyoto - Hamamatsu - Mt Fuji - Tokyo - Narita and left my footprints at Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disneyland. Hehehe.. The temperature was around 15 to 20 degree, actually it was not so cold but the wind made it cold.. sometimes too cold until I have to wear gloves...heh... Damn it I still don't know how to speak Japanese although I can understand few words from the conversations..damn it I do love the language (will learn it - promise you).. Eventhough the winter and sakura blooming (must see!) season already ended, we were lucky enough to see snow aka ice at Mount Fuji area and some of sakura tree at few places. The ice were all over the place at the 5th level of Mt Fuji and it was more than enough to make Ais Kacang and ABC... heh..

I really flabbergasted with their washrooms or toilets. Their public toilets are always clean and smells good. No water pipe for washing in the toilet as what we have in Malaysia. Hotel and airport toilets have some kind of water spray button on the toilet bowl and the water will spray out from the toilet bowl for you to wash whenever you pressed it. And you can control the water pressure! And even, some toilets have warm toilet seats! So now you can take a longer time to do your "business" in the toilet (if you're naked) without feeling cold! What a technology!

That's about toilet.

When we arrived at Tokyo on SUNDAY, I repeat, SUNDAY... I was so amazed to see the highway or roads were not jammed, at all... but when I entered the subway aka railway, huh that was sooo full of people..heh...their public transportation are very very very eficient. Talking about trains or what we called LRT here, I guess there are about 30 lines.. maybe more...and more than hundred stations over there.. As me and my husband already planned to go to Akihabara aka Electric Town aka ANIME Town by ourself, we took Ginza Line from Asakusa to Ueno, and switched to Yamanote Line from Ueno to Akihabara. The subway or trains were so convenient even for first timer.

It is so efficient and convenient until you can just simply reload your phone, and when you go through the entrance or exit gates at station, you just have to tap your phone at the panel and the gate will open for you instead of buy tickets, insert ticket into the slot and bla bla bla...
Even when you still on the phone, you just have to tap it and continue back with your talking. Heh...Technology..technology...

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