Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jump seat!

Went back to KUL on my husband's flight was really amusing and exciting! His Capt allowed me to sit in the cockpit (jump seat) throughout the flight. It was my husband's sector. I also listened to the radio, and watched how my husband did his job.. take off and landing.. did his briefing, PA announcement.. etc...

Take off from KK was very fast and fun.. The feeling of take off and landing are so different if you're in the cockpit and you sit at the pax seat in the cabin. It is totally different. Malaysian 2663 climb up Flight Level 350 heading 270.. hehhe... The landing was a little bit scary because at that time there was a 16 knots crosswind on final and the aircraft nose was to the right (it was not center line at all with the runway). Just about to touch down, the aircraft went back to its center line and it touched down safely.. I could see how hard my husband tried to control the aircraft to land safely with that kind of crosswind and also gusty air. Controlling the speed, rudder, nose up and down.. Prior to land, I could see he cut off the thrust and pulled the reverser thrust to slow down the aircraft...I was so impressed and amazed.. hehehe...

But when we think bout it, most pax will questioned and complaint why the landing was so hard, bla bla...itula inila...but they never know that it was very hard to control the aircraft and to make the aircraft land safely..It's not that easy.. some asked why is it hard landing, the weather is so good and clear, it's not raining or what... but they never know that with clear sky, gusty air and crosswind also exist.

Unfortunately I forgot to take picture on the landing time. I was too busy watching my husband controlled the aircraft. Heehehe... Gomen nasai..

Forgot to mention, their business class meal was very delicious! Nyam nyam!


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