Thursday, May 10, 2007

I wanna fly...

Do you know how hard it is for a first timer to practice take off and landing using Flight Simulator (PC game) and PS2 aviation game in just a week? You tell me! I never try to play the Flight Simulator game on PC coz I'm not really a game person. Due to my second stage of Cadet Pilot Selection is around the corner so I have to practice and practice and practice...hehhee...yeahh practice makes perfect..

Actually pilot is not my childhood dream, I started to have the interest in flying whenever I became a cabin crew, to be exact after I became a Senior Flight Attendant aka Leading Stewardess laaa... coz when you become the leader then you become more close to the pilots and you will be in-charge of the cabin and passenger in the same time you have to report duty to Captain. As for example, everytime after the cabin is checked before take off or landing, you have to report to Captain that the cabin is ready.

And not forget to mention, since my husband started his flying school, he always told me everything about his flight and all the stuff about flying. In the same time, AirAsia allow lady pilot to join them, as you can see other airlines have no lady pilot. Maybe some airlines overseas allow lady to be their pilot. In the meantime AirAsia has more than 10 lady pilots including my husband's batchmates.

I hope that I can get thru the 2nd stage selection..please pray for me..
I still have no plan B if I can't get thru the cadet pilot selection, coz I've decided not to fly as cabin crew anymore, but I don't know wether I can work in the office? Maybe I'll think about getting a baby? year maybe, not now.. I guess I'm not ready yet to be a mom! *wink*

But if I pass all stages, and get into flying school, I will not be allowed to get pregnant at least for 5 years..huh...

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