Thursday, January 11, 2007


Recently I went back to Miri during my offdays (to be exact, 2 days only). Went on my hubby's flight, he was rostered to nitestop in Miri on that day. So bought discounted ticket (under hubby's privilege..FYI only RM61 KUL-MYY, *wink!* jangan jeles ok!), it was economy class, but then when I was boarding the aircraft, the Leading Steward and hubby (standing at the fwd galley waiting for me to board), asked me to sit at the business class... wahh.... apalagi!! And at that time, only 2 pax was seated at the business class. Lucky me!

On that flight too, hubby got one co-pilot line training (convert from Fokker to 737), so hubby was the safety co-pilot for the other co-pilot. During the flight, his Capt asked him to lepak wit me in the cabin (yalah pity me, lonely in the cabin maa..), but he needs to take out his epaulette and tag. So we lepak-lepak and makan-makan lah.....what else?

In Miri, stayed at KakDoe's house. Mom and dad also stayed at KakDoe's. Saja memenuhkan rumah sis. Me and hubby went to Amy Hair Studio (studio where we took nice outdoor and indoor pics after wedding) to collect some of our photo gift from the wedding photo package which already completed. The 10R special design album haven't completed yet. Don't know when it will be ready...maybe another week or two. Me and hubby looked really like chinese in those photos. *heh!* Most of all family said we do look like HongKong stars...(erghh... prefer Japanese! LOL!) I'll upload those studio photos later (after scan them).

In the cabin wit hubby.. Wit mom!

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