Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Levi's Curve ID

The other day my best friend asked me have I ever heard of Levis Curve ID? I said no, never heard of it. Then yesterday I found its ad in CLEO September which I bought end of last month. Hmmmph, it was me who didn't realize and read bout it... Cheh...!

Levis Curve ID ni keluaran terbaru Levis la agaknya. Tatau plak bile keluar tapi artikel pasal ni memang menarik. Ada 3 jenis:

If your jeans typically leaves a gap behind your waist, try the BOLD CURVE.
Blessed with an itty-bitty waist and some junk in the trunk? Celebrate your feminine curves with this fit! It hugs your waist without pulling or leaving a gap when you sit down.

If your jeans fits at the waist but isn't flattering, try the DEMI CURVE.
This is perfect for you! Flattering your waistline and perfect proportions, it enhances your shapely figure and gives a smoother silhouette.

If your jeans is usually too tight around the waist but fits everywhere else, try the SLIGHT CURVE.
Having a straighter figure doesn't mean you can't be sexy. This cut helps define and accentuate your curves by having a slim fit through the thigh area, which gives you a perky behind!

So which one are you? I'd definitely love to try the Bold Curve coz I always get the problem with a gap behind the waist whenever I'm trying a new pair of jeans. ;)

More info on Levis.

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