Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fashion: Random Outfit

Just to share some of my outfit for the past few weeks.

Toga top from Deedee Collections
Military jacket from Nichii
Harem pants from Bandung
Wedges from Charles & Keith
Military cap borrowed from Papa

Floral dress from Deedee Collections
Knitted top from Dainty Dresser
Leggings from Forever21
Bow belt papa bought from Japan
Heels from Charles & Keith

Basic T from Forever21
Cardi from Japan
Polka mini skirt & leggings from A Model Studio
Pumps from Charles & Keith


  1. keluar tajuk...berapa rega rumah ktk ya dy?
    besar nya...banyak gik bilit (-:

  2. rainbow: thanks!!

    nur: hahaha komen di post tok gik ya. anyway umah ya wandy meli 530k. nang purposely carik bilit banyak hahahaa...sebab one of the bilit dah dibook wandy pakei nya mpun private room! hahaaa... yang lain bilik anak2, and guest room.