Friday, November 20, 2009

Rejuvenate your body and mind..

I just went back from dinner with in-laws at Restoran Muhibbah, TTDI. We had steam fish, tofu soup, butter prawn, ginger beef, fried squid and kailan with garlic. Memang sedap. It is recommended. Ah ok, this post is actually not about the dinner, but I wanna share the experience I had when I went to a spa in One Utama recently.

I had back pain and headache the other day so I had to take a day off. I think I was too tired doing design work lately and waking up few times at nite to feed Dacchi and keep bending down or slouching when feed him while he still on his crib. So that afternoon I've decided to get a massage at some spa (which I don't know which spa I should go, but I remembered about this spa which is opposite to Simply Penang while we was having lunch last time), which is Day..Dream Boutique Spa. Wandy said "Please pamper yourself with long massage, I'll pay for it. I'll bring Dacchi jalan-jalan.". But instead of choosing 120 minutes of massage, I chose Aroma Oil Massage for 90 minutes. Why, because I know I'll be worried bout Dacchi wether he will feel too tired of jalan-jalan, or maybe not getting enough sleep, and need to makan petang later, mandi some more so need to go back at least by 6pm and we still need to buy some groceries before heading home. So all this thing I need to consider (if you are a mother, you will understand me! LOL!). How I wish I could get 3 hours massage!

Back to the story, it was a Thai Massage. Compared to Balinese Massage I had one time in Bali, I think both are not so much different but I guess I like Balinese Massage more. So first they ask me to sit and put my feet onto a bowl of warm water filled with bunga and daun. My masseuse gently washed and scrubbed my feet. The receptionist lady (she's from Miri though!) brought me a plain tea. After done with my feet she showed me my private massage room.

My masseuse was a very petite girl. From her looks and speaking, I guess she's from Thailand (mestilah kan, the massage is already called Thai massage). Even though she is petite but she has a very very strong hand.. memang really respected her. She massaged starting from my back and shoulder, hands and legs to tummy and lastly my head. She even jumped onto the massage table and held my arms and one of her leg steadily held my legs (dah macam nak wrestle aku pulak dah!) then she twisted my body left and right. Memang siap ada bunyi crack lagi! Seriously memang sedap! Hehehe. The feeling was so good, and your body felt so light!

And when she massaged my neck and shoulder she told me my neck was so stiff, she asked "you must've been using computer all day long right?" She was so damn true. Everyday, I've been using my laptop from 9am to 1.30pm non-stop, doing my artwork design. I bet soon or later my eyes can get rabun again. Ahaks. Hope not. I've spent so much on eye laser already (actually Wandy paid for it).

Ok back to the massage story again. 90 minutes is actually very short, for me. Sekejap je dah 1 jam setengah. Memang tak rasa langsung. I should've taken 120 minutes though..LOL. The result is I still have the neck and shoulder ache kesan daripada massage. But, the massage was so good ( a little bit strong, but I can tahan =D) and my body felt light. You guys should get a massage sometimes. We need to pamper ourselves once in a while. Not only pamper ourselves by shopping, ok! Yeah, I love massages, but here I have to pay for it, wish I could stay in Miri coz Bibik (my sister's maid) can massage perfectly! Hahahhaa...memang boleh bukak massage centre!

The pricelist board. Forgotten to take photo of the massage room and my masseuse.

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  1. How i wish i could go for a massage etc. but, one thing aku tok penggeli. dolok masa ada org dtg rumah massage lekak beranak also aku byk stop2, gelik gilak, haha