Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daily routine

This is what I can think of if I don't have a helper:
6:00am : Dacchi wakes up
6:00-7:30am : Entertain Dacchi (maybe I try to prepare some simple breakfast or do some laundry)
7:30-8:00am : Feed Dacchi (food)
8:00-8:30am : Entertain Dacchi
8:30-9am : Give Dacchi a bath
9am : Tuck Dacchi for a nap (maybe I can try to prepare ingredients or cook early for lunch+dinner!)
10am : Dacchi wakes up (sometimes he sleeps for half an hour)
10-12pm : Entertain Dacchi (try to cook if Dacchi is being a good boy!)
12pm : Tuck Dacchi for a nap (try to clean the house or have lunch since Dacchi is sleeping)
1:00-3pm : Dacchi awakes and entertain him (the thing is Dacchi is very hard to be left alone even for a while - kesan daripada penjagaan maid!)
3:30pm : Tuck Dacchi for a nap (picking up dry clothes and fold them, iron Wandy's uniform)
5:00pm : Dacchi wakes up, feed him baby food
5:30pm : Give Dacchi a bath
6:00-8:00pm : Entertain Dacchi (try to heat up dinner)
8:00pm : Tuck Dacchi to sleep
8:15pm : Have dinner (sambil tengok TV or DVD), cleaning up dishes, cleaning up kitchen
9:30pm : Maybe I have some times for FB, or watch movie......
10:00pm : I should go to bed at this time already
12:00-6:00am : Wakes up 2 times to feed Dacchi milk.

So what do you think? Hmm... I can do it...I can do it....Wedy can do it................

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  1. yes...u can do it. i survived you see...menu for lunch or dinner have to be plan the day before(my case) or a week before (in Nur's case), hehe. Kedak ya baruk senang prepare bahan.