Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Things

Two things which are important in my life : My family and my job.

My family comes first in everything I do so that is why I will resign my job IF my helper won't renew her contract with me. Her visa will expired end of March next year. She will be going back to her kampung for a month and if she wants to stay with us, she will be coming back after that. I've asked her whether she wants to renew her contract but she keep saying that she doesn't know yet but her mother keep asking her to go back because her father's condition is getting worst. Wandy and me have been discussed about this matter and we came up with some offers for her.

Offer 1: If she willing to renew her contract for one year, we will add RM50 to her monthly salary.
Offer 2 : If she willing to renew her contract for two years, we will add RM150 to her monthly salary starting immediately once she comes back.

So I asked her to think and to discuss with her family and give me the final answer by the end of January 2010. What I want to hear is either YES or NO. Not "siktauk".

It's very hard for me to let her go, but I won't pujuk-pujuk her to stay. She is a very good cook (I should learn from her before she goes.........), quite neat and hardworking too. The most important is she gets along with my family easily (of course lah, because she was my mom's helper before!).

*Me, Watie and Dacchi at Genting

If I were to get a new helper to replace her, I will have to resign my job as well coz I don't trust the new person to take care of my baby. But if we won't hire a new one, I'll have to do all housework. =D Uhukkk...I'm so envy and respect people who can take care of their babies and do house chores at the same time. Whooaa...do they even have free time for themselves? Or do some hobbies?
I know I can do it too but I'm afraid I won't have time for myself anymore....

Ok for the next post I'll write some of what I can think of a daily routine if I don't have a helper.


  1. Don't worry. You can managelah. look at me, padah sikda masa, ada jak masa mengomen blog org, FB, update blog, jaga anak, masak. boleh jerrr, hehe