Sunday, December 10, 2006

MRS and MR

I just got married one month ago...and my very special day was on 3rd and 4th November glad at last I got married too... if that very special day can be "ulang tayang" (how to say in english uh?) i would love to kahwin for one mo time (of course wit the same guy laa......) I hav sum of my wedding pics in my friendster if u guys wants to see lah.. and my wedding CD is still in Miri, haven't got back to Miri since the haven't watch it yet. I guess I'll be going back to Miri on 12th and 13th Dec, coz fortunately I have the same offdays with my husband. Muahss to you honey!

Can't even think that my status changed already.. somebody's wife, or bini orang, or Puan Wedi? Ewww......LOL..

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