Sunday, December 10, 2006


My flight last nite was delayed again....I dont know whats happening these few days our flights always delayed. But 2 things about AirAsia, raining or technical prob = delayed. Last nite I operated KUL-Surabaya-KUL, first sector delayed due to heavily rain in Sepang. We have to wait for few minutes until the rain is cleared a bit to board the pax. Pity to pax they have to run to the aircraft with umbrellas..:P

In Surabaya, our aircraft had a small technical problem which caused around 15 mins for our engineer to fix it. So we've been transit in Surabaya for about an hour before taking off to Kuala Lumpur. Just about to land in KUL, Capt Sahari informed me that we had to continue sectors to Penang. Most of the evening flights were delayed and I heard pax were crazily mad and even bergaduh besar at the boarding hall with the ground staff. Pity them. But what can I say..?

So we landed back in KUL around 2.10 in the morning. Goshh..then I have to drive back to home, luckily my house is not that far, juz about 15 mins drive from LCCT.

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