Tuesday, December 12, 2006

KLIA - One Utama

This morning me and my husband went to KLIA to catch a flight to Miri. But we're on standby basis under my husband MAS privilege.. We parked our car at ERL Salak Tinggi station and took ERL to KLIA at 11 am. Coincidently we have the same day offdays thats why we want to go back to our 'lovely' hometown. But unfortunately the two flights to Miri are all full.. pheww... yea I know, it's skool holidays... AirAsia flight also full today..

At last we decided to get our car and drive to One Utama and watch Cicak-Man. Movie maniac ppl! ;p But first of all we went to Subang HQ coz my husband got sumthin to settle in the office. The movie started at 6.50 pm, so before that we went to Colours and Hush Pups bought some stuff....hehhee...love my husband! I can't help it if it's come to shop time..;p women....!!

These are sum special items that my husband bought just now, of course, for me.. (know what ur thinkin! *wink*)

Cicak-Man quite a fantastic movie created by KRU... normally I don't really like watching Malay movie coz.. u know...very-the jiwang cintan story.. not really into jiwang language...hahhaa...
but this movie I want to watch coz it's really sumthin different, superhero Malay version... CGI also quite impressive and not forget to mention, the scenery is not really in Malaysia. I think most of all they used green screen to create such scenery. Anyway I give 7 out of 10 for this movie. http://www.cicakman.com/

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  1. Cicak man,you serious?? ehehee..okay