Monday, December 25, 2006


U get stressed when :

1. Ur dream is to be a pilot but u have lot of things in ur mind..
2. U saw a cadet pilot advert in the web and STAR, and the due date for application is 12th January..
3. U know the requirement is very high and ur Physics is just C6... *hmm...*
4. U want to fly but u can't be pregnant for at least 5 years starting from the day u join flying skool..
5. U add up ur age with 5and the total is 31.. *fhk#!%dg!#*
6. U think if u undergo the training in flying skool, u'll be far away from ur love ones..
7. U heard that this will be the last intake for cadet pilot...(maybe)..
8. U don't want to be a cabin crew anymore but u don't even have any idea what ur going to be if not as pilot coz u still want to fly..
9. U know either one u choose, u'll have to sacrifice on sumthin..
10. U talked to others about ur problem but u still can't make any decision...
11. U know that u will regret one day if u don't make the right decision NOW!


  1. many probs u need to think about ya..but..eventhough u cant achieve ur dream to be a pilot. ur husband kan pilot..u should be proud of him bcoz u r his wife wut..pilot's wife..hehe..become a stewie also can fly meh..enjoy ur life in the sky.. i said like dat bcoz i dont really know wut is ur prob up there arr kan...hehe. tapi aku suka wut usha stewie buat keje atas tuh..aja2 fighting!

  2. errol thanx for ur advise....
    heheh the thing is takkan nak jadi stewardess sampai tua kot? i want to prove myself that i can do better...not just as cabin crew...

  3. Hmm... My advise is... no need lahh. Kelak halfway kan buang duit and masa. And it's not easy kan? Tang duduk jak umah siya rilek.

  4. eemmm.. the thing is i cant just stay at home, goyang kaki.. i must work and my sisters said i must work - cant be housewife! and i dont want to work in office? as what? hehehe... anyway will going to apply..:)