Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy week

Wow..this is the busiest week so far.. A lot of stuff need to be done and in the same time I have make-up classes that need to be finished before March! And also need to plan and prepare for Dacchi's birthday party in March. But then when I checked my schedule, seems that I have to finish all make-up classes before 24th Feb coz we're going to move on that day!!! Oh my! And, I just realized that we only started packing yesterday! And I had to cancel my Japanese classes for February just because of this!

We've packed only this so far....

This is how our storage room looks like after we moved out some of big boxes.

Some stuff for Dacchi's birthday party we bought..

We just collected the invitation cards from the shop.

Preparing the guest lists for both Aqiqah and birthday party.

Oh my! My schedule for the week is almost full!

This is what si kecik has been doing while I busy doing stuff.. (ignore the hair clip..=p biasalah kerja mamanya)

And of course, I still have time to fb and blog!


  1. Baru ku nak nanyak, benar2 ku fokus gambar Rais. "hairclip" ka ya kataku? hahaha...wei, banyak gik mok dipack ya.

    Barney theme bday Rais...ambik gambar byk2 kelak k.

  2. nang gago dirik dy....tapi pindah ya begaut juak kah?

  3. carol: haha aok clip lah ya, rambutnya dah panjang, kdg2 diklip ku sbb ngaco rah telinga. tapi syg nak potong.

    nur: aok begaut juak sbb kontrak until end of this month. kakya tepaksa nunggu sis in law move out from condo FIL, bok pindah ke sia. daknya pindah umah benar. i mean umah tanah lah. lemah na nyawa ku berpindah randah tok.