Saturday, January 23, 2010


Apart from entertained Dacchi, I spent most of my time today taking photos of my make-up collections and edited them in Photoshop. Here you go~

These are my first ever eye-shadow collections. I started using proper make-up when I was working with AirAsia as a cabin crew. In my days at UTM, I've put on make-up but really taktahu macamana nak pakai make-up, lantak sajalah letak eyeshadow and lipstick je. So, on the first day of my cabin crew training, I was so ashamed of myself sebab tatau pakai make-up. Memang malu sungguh coz all of my other batch mates memang cantik belaka, they really knows how to put on make-up, macam model, siap rambut pun begitu cantik sekali, curls and stuff. Aku pulak dengan rambut sempoi dan mekap entah hapa-hapa. Then I started to learn bit by bit on how to put on proper make-up with other cabin crew while working. My first MAC product I bought were a compact powder and a lipstick.

These are my latest lipstick, gloss, blusher and foundation collections. Most of my stuff are from MAC. I really love MAC brand, especially their lipsticks and eye shadows. Memang best dan tahan lama. I still need to add up my blusher collections. Macam tak cukup je. Gloss pun banyak dah nak habis.. kene tunggu MAS Golden Boutique punye sale! Pastu beli banyak gloss..

Ni plak aku punye eye shadow and lipstick collections. I collected them since dulu kala. Hahaha.. okay, since I started working in Air Asia. Lots of different brand but most of my color shades are natural. Tak cukup terang for bridal make-up. Need more vibrant and bright colors. Lately I like to use MAC pigment for eye-shadow. Pigment color stands out more than powder eye shadow, but don't forget to apply eye shadow base cream first before putting on pigments because it will emphasize the richness of the pigment's color and stays.

At first, I collected single MAC eye shadow and I had 7 colors. Then my friend who is a MAC make-up artist and also an ex-Air Asia cabin crew, suggested me to buy 15 colors empty eye shadow pallete and put all single eye-shadow inside it. So I added another 3 pieces to make a total of 10 eye-shadows. Hmm..still need to add 5 pieces more to complete the pallete.. 5 pieces will cost me almost RM300~ adeiiii...

Owh I'm sooo in love with my brushes!! Can't live without them! Huhu~ Until now, I've collected 17 brushes! Phewww banyak la pulak rupanya...every single one has its own usage. My first brush collections were from Body Shop. Then I replaced all Body Shop brushes with MAC's. I sold some of my old Body Shop brushes to Kartina (die ni pun gila make-up!). I still have 1 Bobbi Brown Blusher brush and 2 Stage brushes (eyebrow and fan brush). Soon I will replace them with MAC's!

You must always keep your brushes clean. Tapi takdela selalu sangat aku cuci brushes. Dalam sebulan 2 kali je kot...hahahha...Using MAC Brush Cleanser aku cuci brushes pastu cuci pulak with warm water until the colors on the brushes are gone. Kalau everytime pakai Brush Cleanser tu taktahan beb, kejap je habis. Mahal pulak tu. So pepandailah jimat. =p
P/s Mesti korang tertanya2 brush ape yang kaler silver tu (the most right), it's the Lip Brush. Die ade penutupnya. Kalau buka baru nampak brushnye.

This is where I keep all my make-up stuff... dari beg kecik sampailah ke trolley bag aku beli.. I have lots and lots of make-up bag, big and small...sebab in the end mesti tak muat so had to buy a new bigger one.. The latest make-up bag is that trolley bag, I got it from Sg. Wang at RM200. So far muatla, tapi soon or later gerenti tak muat jugak nanti... Ada ke make-up bag yang lagiii besar??????

Taraaaa! This is what it looks like inside of my trolley bag:

Don't worry, you don't need all this just to make you know how to make-up. You just need to know basic things and have a basic stuff to get a perfect makeover. Will post tutorials in my future writings. =p


  1. yarabi...berapa ndak total rega make-up ya semua..mauk riban2 juak ya. tp mun dpt jadi bisnes nang berbaloi kan.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this entry and respect la sebab ktk bukan main2 jak dgn minat tok. I know that u will be a really good make up artist walaupun ktk polah part time jak kah but at least u have the passion in doing it.


  3. nur: haha nyalah ya mun dikira riban juaklah.. tapi aku enjoy kumpul and mekap. this is my passion.
    leen: thank u so much! salu juak terpikir bah apa jak achievement kmk in my life. sikda papa gilak bah. so since kmk suka mekap2 and bolehla juak memekap orang, so y not kmk try out and learn benar at least i can say i've done something in my life and I am proud of it. =)
    yanny: please be my model! seriously, i need models for my make-up class soon!