Monday, December 28, 2009

Dacchi's Achievements

At 5 months, Dacchi learned how to crawl. But before he can crawl perfectly, he already learned how to sit. My mom said "belom abis belajar merangkak dah gago nak belajar dudok". And now he is doing it again. Last two days his first tooth at last came out. Just a tiny lil bit only. Can feel with your finger, macam ada bergerigi.. Dah berbulan-bulan waiting for his tooth to come out and at last sudah memecah gusinya.

And somehow gigi belum habis keluar, yesterday he bravely made his first step! Bravo Dacchi...before this sangat takut nak melangkahkan kakinya. When stands up, he will sit and crawl if he wants to get to something. Or he will walk slowly and hold onto something (bertete kata orang sarawak). my helper told me yesterday morning Dacchi suddenly pepandai nak melangkahkan kakinya.

Just for my own record, Dacchi's first tooth came out when he was 9 months 20 days old and his first step was a day after that.

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